Saturday, September 3, 2016

Camping in Colorado

It's been eons since I posted on this blog, and I may explain why later but for now: I went to Colorado this summer! Myself, my boyfriend and two of our mutual friends went camping for a week in the woods. It was so beautiful there and it was great to be able to get away from technology for a bit before the school year began. 

The entrance to the ranch.
We stayed at a place called Tomahawk Guest Ranch. It was in Powderhorn, CO technically but really it's in the middle of nowhere. That suited us just fine. I've honestly never stayed somewhere that the owners have been so nice and accommodating, even helping us find trails to hike that were just walking distance away! Also, it's very cheap in comparison to other campsite we were thinking of staying so I would definitely recommend if you're on a bit of a budget. 

The owners had a dog!!

Standing on a bridge at Tomahawk Guest Ranch
 The property itself was beautiful too, with a bridge crossing this gorgeous river.

Our campsite!
 Our campsite actually backed up to the river! We spent most evenings just hanging out, making s'more around the campfire and talking well into the night.

There was a cave/mine on the property
 They had two mine shafts on the property, the one above and below that actually only extended about 12 feet back, the owner filled in the hole that led further down. There was also another one that extended 2 miles but that one had to be caved in because of the risk to tourists.

It wasn't very big

Our very unsuccessful attempt at just climbing up the side of a mountain.  
 The second day there, we thought it would be a good idea to just climb up the side of the mountain that was right beside our campsite. While I wouldn't say it was a bad idea, we certainly didn't make it to the top before we just gave up.

This was the valley that we were in the majority of our time in CO.
 After we managed to actually find a hiking trail (just right across the street from where we were staying) I was able to take a lot of pictures of the beautiful landscape. Since I'm from Texas, the cool air and mountains filled me with excitement and energy.

View from the top! 

Us after making it to the top of the mountain. 

 After making it to the top of the mountain, we sat for about an hour lamenting the fact that we had forgotten to bring lunch. We took this picture before heading down.

We also visited Gunnison, CO on the way in to stock up on supplies and spent a day there just exploring. They have a beautiful area with little shops and great food!

All in all, it was the perfect end to the summer and the perfect beginning to the school year.

Thanks for reading!