Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Last Shopping Splurge

I went shopping this weekend (again), and picked up a whole assortment of things. I do love shopping but I think this will be my last trip for awhile since I'll be moving into an apartment soon. It's exciting to finally get to move out on my own but I definitely won't have as much money for things I don't need as I have recently. However, I have always kept a budget so I'm hoping I can keep that going even when I'm on my own. Set goals and save for them, y'know? As well as the ten percent that goes into my emergency saving anyways... Oh well, on to the things I bought!

Vitoria Regalia Flower Soap
Almond Shower Oil

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush
Naked Basics

Neiman Marcus:
YSL Peach Passion
Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay

Tick-Tock Clock

Not Shown:
Bathroom Guest Book - Papyrus
Doll T-shirt - Zara

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